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O Paalanhaare

O Paalanhaare sargam

Sargam for song: O Paalanhaare
film: lagan (2001)
singers: lata mangeshkar, udit Narayan
Lyrics : Javed Akhtar
Music : A R Rehman

o paalanhaare, nirgun aur nyaare
r g r p m r g r m g rs

tumre bin humra kauno.n naahee.n
s r sn. ss r g mg r gr s

humri uljhan, suljhaao bhagvan
r g rp m r g r mg rs

tumre bin humra kauno.n naahee.n
s r sn. ss r g mg r gr s

tumhaee humka ho sa.mbhaale
gr g m mm gr gm g grs

humhaee humre rakhwaale
s g mm pd2pm grgm g grs

tumre bin humra kauno.n naahee.n
s r r g mg r gr s

cha.ndaa mein tumhaee to bhare ho chaa.ndanee
m g mp p d2 n S R n d p ndpm

sooraj mein ujaala tumhaee se
S nS np SnS np dp m p

ye gagan, hai magan, tumhaee to deeye ho ee taare
g m pdnS nS RS n d2pd2pm m mp p p pdn d p m p

bhagavan, ye jeevan, tumhaee na sa.nwaaroge to kya koi sa.nwaare
g m pdnS nS RS n d2pd2pm m mp p p p p p n nd nddp dp pm mg r

(o paalanhaare…)

jo suno, to kahe.n, prabhuji humri hai binatee
p d2pm p d2pm p d2 n d2 p d2 p m

dukhi jan ko, dheeraj do, haare nahi.n wo kabhee dukh se
g g gp m g gp m g g g p m g r g m

tum nirbal ko rakshaa do, rah paaye nirbal sukh se
g gm gp m gm gp m g m md2 p mg r g

bhaktee ko shaktee do,
s r sn3. s r s

jag ke jo swaamee ho, itni to araj suno
p d pdnS nS R ndp m m p pdn S ndp

hai.n path mein nadhiyaare, de do vardaan mein ujiyaare
p d d pdnS n S R Sn dp m mp p ppdn d pdpmpmg rs

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