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Welcome to the official website of Notes & Sargam – an informal yet comprehensive resource of musical notes of Hollywood and Bollywood songs and tunes.


The Bansuri (Bamboo Flute)

You will find here Sargams (Indian notations) of Hindi and non-Hindi songs and tunes which may help you to play them on your instruments.  Since, I play Bansuri (Bamboo Flute), I may be a little bias towards reproducing Sargam more suitable to play on Bansuri.  But, having said that, it doesn’t mean that these Sargam cannot be played on other instruments, like harmonium, keyboard, violin, sitar etc. They can be, indeed.  If Bansuri produces “Sa Re Ga Ma”, so do other instruments, irrespective of their make or type.  So, I’m pretty sure that with little improvisation, these notations will hold equally good for playing on any type of instrument. That means, if you are searching for, say, “Sargam of Hindi Songs on haromium”, or “Hindi song notations for harmonium”, or, “Harmonium notes for Hindi songs”, then you might have come to the right place.

My Journey so far

Bansuri wala, Bansuri seller

Illustrative image of a Bansuri wala

It was my childhood dream to play this wonderful instrument called Bansuri (Flute). Tried out many times but failed. Tried to find a Guru, could not find someone whom I could afford.

Few years ago, in 2012, to be precise, one fine day I saw a Bansuriwala carrying a load of Basuris on a pole and immediately went upto him and bought one Bansuri. Did not know whether the scale was right or wrong for me to start with. But I bought it.

Bansuri is my BFF!

Bansuri is my BFF!

Since I had lost my job, I had ample time to spend with my new possession. I picked up a book on how to learn Flute. But, honestly it did not help me much. Then I just happened to stumble upon Youtube and found someone playing a fantastic piece of an old Hindi song. Searched a little more, and found some good Samaritans teaching the basics of playing Bansuri. I shall always remain thankful to them.

Soon, I was able to play the Sa Re Ga Ma… fluently. Then I started devoting some serious time on youtube (which, I confess, could have got me a job instead!) in brushing up my flute practice. And, yes, it paid off. Very soon, I think may be in two months time, I was able to play some very common tunes on flute.

“When you play Bansuri don’t think that you are playing an instrument, think that you are singing!”
– Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia

My first stage performance

My first stage performance

Then I started to look around for Notes/SARGAMs of the songs I’ve always loved. But, unfortunately, could not find them on net. In the meantime, my practice with this wonderful Bamboo stick continued and without my knowing I learned some tricks to hit the correct notes of almost all the songs I always wanted to play on flute.

It’s then that I thought of setting up a platform where I could post the Notes/SARGAMs of the tunes and songs that move me. I’m sure there are thousands of people like me with may be a similar story to tell.

Me, my flute and the tranquillity of Corbett

Me, my flute and the tranquillity of Corbett

Although, I regret for not being able to take a formal training from a flute master, but my journey with my Bansuri continues.

I’d like to dedicate this website and my FB page to those who have desire, passion and interest for music but cannot afford formal training due to lack of time, money or preoccupation.

You can find notations in Indian format namely, SARGAM of many songs and tunes here along with Alankars, Tips and Tricks, and much more. So, your search for “Sargam of Hindi Songs on haromium”, or “Hindi song notations for harmonium”, or, “Harmonium notes for Hindi songs”, finally comes to an end here.


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  1. Dhaval Patel says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this treasure with all of us. It is indeed a great collection for music learners.

  2. Roshan says:

    Thank you very much sir…

  3. Hitendra Singh says:

    Thank you very much of this website. notations are the most important part of musicale. I share a similar passion for Flute and was stranded with no notations and then after extensive search came across your website and since than my passion has found the basics and have been motivated since then.

  4. radhika says:

    Thank you so much bless you

  5. vishal says:

    sir please can you give sargam for harryy potter piccolo tune (the main theme tune of harry potter series).

  6. Mayank says:

    Hats off to u for a path less travel.

  7. Apurba Roy says:

    Thank you very much for such an effort. Impressive. Invaluable. Are these notations available in devnagari (or Hindi), that is, the sargam written down below the lyrics in devnagari/Hindi useful for vocal/singing?

  8. Tanveer says:

    You are doing a wonderful job. Generally, people start monetizing their talents very soon and specially if its a niche skill. People like you are a real gem for music. Helping others to glow and grow.

  9. Tapas says:

    Ai zindagi gale laga le

  10. neer says:

    sit plz provide the sargam for the song ” jeevan se na haar o jeenewale

  11. Amitabha Majumdar says:

    Respected Sir, Please give the notation of Aaja Rey O Meri Dilbar ajja from the flim Noori.I am anxiously wating. With Pronams Amitabha

  12. Suprith says:

    Dear sir, your doing a fantastic job by helping to learn sargam for people who are really interested! But i dont see any of the kannada songs in ur website! Pls give me the gargam for a kannada song named munjane manjaali from the movie just maath maathalli. I have already requested it twice! Hope u’ll rply this thime!!

  13. Amulya says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.kindly post notations for Bhaja Govindam (MS Subba lakshmi) Song…

  14. archana says:

    Dear Sir, Thanks for sargams. There is a popular Kannada Krishna bhajan ‘Pillangiviya Cheluv Krishnan’ .So many flute renditions are there on youtube. But no flute sargam available. Could you please post these sargam if possible. Regards

  15. Bhaskar Bhatt says:

    Corbett? You live in Ramnagar?

  16. Partha P says:

    Thank you posting these wonderful Sargams.
    I am a regular reader of the same.
    I am a big fan of Bansuri. And i too started learning.

  17. Amitabha Majumdar says:

    Respected Sir, My Pronams to you.Please give the notations of Terey Most Most Do Nayen and Avi Mughmay Nehi . amitabha westbengal

  18. Bengir Ahmed Shuvho says:

    Really,,wonderful website..I really amazed it..thanks sir..I am really inspired..Thanks

  19. Suhatra Chaudhury says:

    Sir …wat a coincidence …i too had same story wd myself..though am a student of engg ..m also in love wd my flutes..jst 3 months had passed ..thanks to god that without any guidance except few from youtube i could play most of the songs i hear. Very much delighted with your website …thank you

  20. pamil says:

    sir pls update mere mitwa mere meet re song notes

  21. Shashank says:

    A wonderful website…. I closely follow the page from now on.. I’m a carnatic flutist, can you please share the flute notation for the song Tu Mile, Dil khile from the movie criminal? Thank you in advance..

  22. Gunjan says:

    Sir, I am looking for Sargam notes for Baiyan Na Dharo O Balma

  23. Naveed Ahmed Ansari says:

    Thank I sir you provide a good plateform for those ameature flutist who have no any Gru and they are keen interested to play a song

  24. Towfiq Omar says:

    Sir I request you for notations of some bengali songs.
    1. বকুল ফুল বকুল ফুল(Bokul ful Bokul ful); youtube link:
    2. আমায় এতো রাতে কেন ডাক দিলি(Amay Eto Rate Keno Dak dili)
    3.গ্রাম ছাড়া ঐ রাঙ্গা মাটির পথ(Gram Sara oi Ranga Matir Poth)
    4. মিলন হবে কত দিনে(Milon hobe koto dine)
    5. ওরে নিল দরিয়া(Ore nil Doria)

  25. MANJUNATH says:

    Sir I had requested for kannada songs notations so many times but I didn’t get yet please provide me thanks

  26. Subhrajit says:

    Dear sir

    Please help me with the notatation- pankh hotate to ud ati re.. Rashia..

    Thank you

    Ur truly

  27. ramsohok says:

    Harmonium Notes for Vrindavan ka krushna Kanhaya … PLEASE


    This site is such a wonderful experience for learners. I am graduate from IITM who is more interested in music than engineering.

    It would be nice if you could add notes for this beautiful song

  29. kithmini says:

    Please add notes for “barso re megha megha”.

  30. Oliver says:

    Please post sargams for ja re ure ja by hasan (ark).. Thanks in advance.

  31. RUBEN says:

    Hi ,I have only discovered your site today,as a budding harmonium player I”m ever hungry for knowledge this is such a great site with so much information,I just want to sayTHANKYOU.

  32. Aman Khan says:

    Sir mujhe fiza film ke song aaja mahiya ke note chahiye… plzzz kya aap mujhe wo available kara sakte h kya… aap use meri f.b I.d pr mujhe msg ke through send kr sakte hai….ye meri f.b li link hai..

  33. Anandu says:

    Pls add malayaam notes for Airtel tune

  34. swapnil says:


  35. I want ye haseen vadiya songs harmonium sargam plzz send it

  36. Shambhu Purkait says:

    Dear sir,
    Can you tell me bengali song “milon hbe koto dine” note…

  37. vijay Gacche says:

    Really your site is so helpful for music passionate people and thanks for this your contribution in the form of web site .
    Definitely you will acchive your best

    All the best for your future journey

  38. Amitabha Majumdar says:

    Sir, Happy NavaRatri.Please give the notation of Lahti Tughsey Filling Lagan.

  39. mridu nagori says:

    thanks had been waiting for the website to be updated soon

  40. neeraj rana says:

    Please sir uploading sargam notes of garhwali song “teen chitti kheli ni bheji” please please sir

  41. Mahek Patel says:

    Hi sir ,
    Sir I want notation Gujarati bhajan, Gujarati tunes and garba. Plz provide me soon.
    Waiting for positive response.

  42. Hitesh Patel says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please Require Hindi Bhajan, latest Song, Old Song……………….

  43. ab siddique says:

    Thanks sir for your hearty try.Could u pls add the missed sargam of “tumai rid majare rakhibo chere debina…..” missed…”dhulau jau vai gora gori…….jabi brojer kule kule….”anyway o n e k dhonnobad…..

  44. Anonymous says:


  45. Amitabha Majumdar says:

    Sir,please give the notetion of Pahari Dhun. Amitava.

  46. Susela says:

    Hi can you send me sargam notation for payoji maine meera bhajan,
    Thank yoy

  47. Chinmay says:

    Very good site sir. I am also learning harmonium. I am searching a lot for the sargam of the flute tune in Kishan Kanhaiya. Can you please send me it, if you know about it?

  48. meherdeep chaudhari says:

    yes it is useful but air blow and finger movement is completely out of understanding

  49. sujal samadhiya says:

    Sir help me their is compatation and i am playing more naina mor more naina just tell me how to play

  50. Emran says:

    sir,can I have rag with flute….

  51. Uday says:

    Just the right site landed at. I’m trying to learn too the flute. Thank you for the great effort

  52. Gopi Sankar pavansam says:

    hello sir i am beginner and i am not able to find a guru and wish to train on my own with help of good persons like you.
    will you pls guide me with the lessons in order and with audio because regarding the ragas i cannot identify the break between notes.
    thanks in advance

  53. Sankalp says:

    Hi it will be great if you can provide comments for alai alai song of Isha foundation..I really want to play it on flute

  54. Anonymous says:

    as a bigenner, i practise flute closing all holes for making sa, then opening bottom one hole to play re, and bottom two holes to play ga, in this way ni, closing bottom three holes and sa’ closing all holes except the top on.pls describe the right method

  55. Manjujain says:

    Sir very wonderful site I like very much. And I send a request a for kannada songs notation but still I didn’t get one them also
    I need namoora mandara huve .

  56. महेश बठ्ठर says:

    शायद मेरी कहानी भी आपके जैसी है । मैंने ३ साल हारमोनियम सिखाथा आज वह बासुरी सिखने मैं काम आ रहा है। सही बात बताउं तो दिक्कत ये है कोइ गुरु ठीक से सिखाता नही । सभी ये सोचते हैं “मैरेसे आगे बढ गया तो मेरा क्या होगा” ।
    आप की साइट पर से बहूत मदद मिल रही है धन्यवाद सर।

  57. Arya says:

    mujhe un sabhi se lagaw h Jo itane pyare sabdon mein ye nots ,sargam ham tak pahchate hain mein un sabhi ka dhanyawa karta hun ….& i love u N&S. .

  58. Ashutosh says:

    Dear sir, I am playing flute since 2 years .Now i am in a level little bit higher than bigener.I play musical notes of many hindi song. But still I am in dialma that how to find the scale of songs. Because as you know that a song should not only requires a good musical track but also need that scale which must follow it. so please i have a kind request to you plz notify me . And i am playing E scale flute .Also provide me some songs that requires E scale flute.

  59. ANSHUL DAVE says:

    Plz post teri deewani by kailash kher

  60. KM Fokir says:

    Please make “Tanhiya Tanhiya” Female version songs flute note.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Ram naam sukhdai bhajan Karo bhai notes please

  62. Pallav Kothari says:

    Please can you provide me with the flute notations of the song Naina Tose Lage – Male version(Rahat Fateh Ali Khan) Meeruthiya Gangsters…

  63. one more ” ghungaroo ki tra bhajta hi raha hu main”

  64. KM Fokir says:

    please make ” o sathi re tere bina bhi keya jina” songs bansuri

  65. kavya shrivastava says:

    can you write sanam re

  66. Anonymous says:

    I love this site.It is very usefull for amecher musicians.

  67. KM Fokir says:

    Very nice and usefull website.i love it.thanks bro for make it.

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  69. kavya shrivastava says:

    can you write bhar do jholi sargam

  70. kavya shriastava says:

    I love it

  71. kavya shriastava says:

    THiS website was amazing

  72. Jaii Ramdin says:

    Hello…am a beginner from Mauritius Island.The flute sargam are just amazingly helpful.
    Can new songs notes be uploaded?
    Thank you.
    Jaii Ramdin

  73. Arun says:

    could you please leave a sargam for aao bachhon tumhe dikhayen

  74. ANKIT KUMAR says:


  75. Pankaj says:

    Hello Sir,
    Thankyou for providing notes for various songs…Can you please provide me notes for the title song of “Krishna-Cartoon network”…

    link is –

    Thankyou and regards

  76. krishna says:

    thanks for such help

  77. Shreeshail says:

    Not able to find notations. On which page they are. When I clicked on link it took me to this page.then I signed up. But not able to see any notations

  78. suvo banerjee says:

    Sir.please give me a flute notation of a beautiful bhakti song

  79. bashir says:

    thanku very much sir…it’s very useful ..u r great…

  80. Laha F J says:

    Hi Dada..U r doing a wonderful work. I play hawain guitar .I m interested in notation for song :
    “Tum Jo mil Gaye ho”..My request is please send the notation for this beautiful song..

  81. M A Rasheed says:

    Thank you very much for your advice. I am learning for the past two years through classes, Skype and still unable to play sargam. To take one to one lesson is very expensive. I tried India and Taxes without any satisfaction and on Skype it is very expensive and I can’t afford it.

  82. Sagar says:


    You are doing a great job by posting notes for many songs. I am a beginner and learning flute.

    Just one song request that i have been searching for a long time. Can you post flute notes for a song “Aahatein by Agnee”, please.

    Thanks and keep posting.

  83. vimal says:

    mare bhajans na nototion leva 6e to apsho thanks

  84. Rajesh says:

    Dear sir
    s for publishing notations
    Can you give some idea for playeng higher notes
    Like you bansuri playeng is my child hood dreem but I am unable to fina a master who can give me proper guidance, I did serch lot of webside but still not find proper way to produce high notes
    Pls help me regarding this hope you do

    • mark says:

      Dear Rajesh,
      Practice is the only thing which can make you proficient in playing flute. Keep practicing daily even if it is for 10 minutes, but daily. Higher notes are played by blowing with a little more force than you would normally blow into your flute. You may have to pull your lower lip towards you and push the upper lip towards the blowing hole, just like you would blow into your hot soup to cool it down.
      Good luck!

  85. james says:

    sir agar nae kuch karna hota to har link pe ek page ko kyun load karwate ho.nahi chlane site to band karda ya link maat dalo

    • mark says:

      Dear James,
      Meri site par koi bhi faltu ke links nahi hai. Jo bhi hai wo users ko dhyan me rakh ke hi banaye hai. Fir bhi apka suggestion gour kar sakta hu agar aap koi example bataye jaha apko is site pe dikkat ayi ho.

  86. u k ware says:

    very good service.

  87. Iram masood says:

    Can I please have music notes in the western of zindagi ke safar main guzar jaate hain (ajnabi)
    I will be grateful

    • mark says:

      Dear Iram,
      I am not well versed with western notations. Hence, I’m sorry I won’t be able to help you much on this. But, there are plenty of other websites that have notations written in western style. You can refer those sites.
      Good luck!

    • Iram masood says:

      Then can I have it in desi notes, I will try to translate it in western, many thanks

  88. nikhil says:

    give some flute notations of english songs which are famous in hollywood movies like pirates of carrebian theme song, harrypotter , star wars, also in cartoons…

  89. Liton das says:

    Sir.i just want to see how to play “kori mo” in flute.thank you.

  90. janki says:

    My son is 9 years old and he is interested to play flute.
    Can you please post Payo ji Mene RAM ratan dhan payo.

  91. Shivam says:

    sir i am a student of class 9 and am very passionate about singing songs on harmonium
    sir, please send sargam for kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khyal aata hai.
    this website is the best of all among all sargam
    and notations websites which i visited. and i liked it the most..thank you for creating such a good platform for all of us…….

  92. bhagyesh says:

    nice one sir

  93. Ravi says:

    Pls post notes for very song Naiharwa by Kailash kher
    Thank you

  94. Raghav says:

    Well..I am not able to see the sargam notes. I am being redirected to welcome page. If you succeed in removing this bug, can you please upload sargam notes for Octavarium flute part. I will be obliged.

  95. shishir says:

    notes, tips and tricks section is not working. it directs me to welcome page. tips and trick section contains some valuable links that may help me to clarify confusions regarding notes

  96. rajlakshmi says:

    Comment -could you please give me notes -sargam of song -jeevan se na haar o jeene wale baat meri tu maan are matwale- a song of kishore Kumar..

  97. Keyur Rana says:

    Incidentally, I also started the same way as you have done. Bought the bansuri from the bansuriwala. I am very much inspired after reading your journey to learn bansuri. Thanks for the share.

  98. DHIRAJ VERMA says:

    Sir good day I’m very excited for old Kishorn da songs notation please give me

  99. B K Sharma says:

    I liked very much it is intresting

  100. F M Shihabul Islam says:

    I am shihab from Bangladesh ,I am beginning bansuri 4 month but I haven’t well tune or scale bansuri. I want to buy some bansuri from INDIA. I don’t understand how buy bansuri online .now,what ido do?please you suggeste me.please……my e mail:

    • mark says:

      Dear Shihab,
      You can get Bansuri from However, you can contact +880 1781-171584 Zubair Malik in Dhaka for guidance.
      As a beginner you can buy a C or G scale medium size flute (12 – 15 inches).

  101. Abdul Basir says:

    Hello! Sr. My name is Abdul Basir from Afghanistan , I hope everything is going well with you. Can you please send me note of aaj purani rahon se. For bansuri flute. Or if you let me know where I can get it please.

  102. Mandar says:

    Hello Sir,
    Will you send me flute notations for luka chuppi song from the movie Rang de Basanti..

  103. nishant pant says:

    sir ,

    Since you are an expert in this field and I am just about to start my first bansuri class, I would like to knw which bansuri I should purchase for myself as I am a beginer .

    Kindly suggest . My email id is


    Nishant Pant

  104. Soumen says:

    One of the best website I’ve ever visited 🙂 Thank you

  105. mansi says:

    can you please give me notes on english song “you are my all in all “

  106. adi says:

    please provide me the sargam notation of raabta song..

  107. Raj Jani says:

    Dear admin, i know how to play all the sur separately, but as i am new to flute, i dont know much about various techniques. Basically i dont know anything about except sa re ga ma.. Please guide me what to do further.

    • Start practicing ‘Alankars’ to get the speed on your flute. Some Alankars are available on this website itself. Or else, you can search for alankars on You Tube or Google. Good Luck.

  108. Pradeep says:

    kuhu kuhu bole koyaliya song notations plz..
    Film-suvarna sundar

    iam waitng for this….plzz sir

  109. unnati says:

    plzzz give me the notation of mera aapki kripa say song

  110. Parveen rana says:

    I would like to learn sargams.please help sir

  111. Sujit hela says:

    Can i get the sargam of krrish romantic theme for playing it on a bamboo flute?

  112. shikha says:

    Pls provide notation of song tujh me rab dikhta hai

  113. vatsal mistry says:

    I am not understand the language SS DD RR’etc i m new comer plss send me the language explanation as soon as possible…by email

  114. Sargam for neela asman so gaya is posted. Hope you’ll enjoy.

  115. SENA says:


  116. LAKSHYA says:

    Best place ever seen to find songs for playing in my casio

  117. Rahul says:

    Hi how to play perfect shudha madyama
    I failed to play it with half hole open.

    • Shuddh Ma is always a tricky note to play on flute. However, practice can make you perfect. The most common mistake one does is to become over conscious on opening (or closing) the top-first-hole on the flute. In the process what happens is that your fingers on the other holes on the flute may get slightly misplaced and thus let some air pass out from any of those other holes. See if you are making the same mistake or not. Close all the other holes fully and firmly except the first one which has to be half-closed and then blow gently to produce Shuddh Ma.

      Hope this helps. Do let me know if you succeed.

      Good luck and stay tuned.

  118. Sudershan kumar says:

    Also give song notation in sound format. Then it’s easy for all to understand Rythm for that song.

  119. chirag vora says:

    Shivranjni raag notes send…plz.

  120. CS says:

    Hi sir, I intend to learn to play the flute. Can you please recommend some good tutors in Mumbai? Thanking you in anticipation of your help.

  121. Aman says:

    Hi. Sir plz give me the notes of any random sad tune.

  122. Aashay says:

    I want flute notes on Teri meri kahani from gabbar is back and hamari adhuri kahani flute notes and many more arijit singh songs sir please send

  123. govind says:

    Sir how can i find sargam

  124. Amitabha Majumdar says:

    Respected Sib Da, if you would send me the notetion of Baranday Roddur , i will be very greatful to you. Amitabha.Malda

  125. joy ann says:

    I am a pianist .. Trained in western music system.. But like to play flute now.. Which flute should I buy … Want to know if flute playing causes high b.p. … As it is known to hold and blow breath for long…. I have a high b.p.

    • Good to hear that you are interested in playing flute. You can start with ‘G’ scale flute.
      As far as my knowledge goes, I have not heard any instance where flute as caused any harm. These are all baseless speculations which one must not pay any attention to, especially, if you love music. Flute playing is completely safe, in fact, it improves the health of your lungs and digestive system.

  126. anjali says:

    Plese give me the notes of Bum bum bole

  127. Renuka says:

    Please suggest me to learn Sargam(Note) behind the lyric.If i get i can play flute for Movie Songs..Please help me..I m not using FB so please kindly share any websites if u know.

  128. progna says:

    Please add the sargam of “jagao mere deshko” by A.Ar. Rahman.. Thank you for providing us with huge list of sargams..

  129. Sukdeb Goswami says:

    I am trying to learn playing harmonium at my mid forty with self learning and found it almost impossible, but your effort has influenced me a lot. Your notes are very helping tools for me. Hope, I’ll able to learn something. I have no words to thank you for your great job. Please try to provide some bengali “LALON GEETI”

  130. sir , I am very thankful to you . that you have done a great work for those who want to learn music , and its a very great help in this regard. I hope you will serve like this in future also . May you live long.

  131. Can I have notations for
    mehaboob mere, mehaboob mere
    too hai to duniyaa kitanee haseen hai
    jo too naheen to, kuchh bhee naheen hai

    sung by Mukesh and Lata? Please inform me at or by Facebook msg VNbalakrishna

  132. shailesh jethva says:

    Pls give us bansuri notation on song “neela asman so gaya” from movie silsila, along with interlude and prelude music. This song is based on Raag Pahadi. I am able to play this song, but cannot play interlude and prelude music.
    Our website has been very helpful. Thanx

  133. shailesh jethva says:

    Please give us a very slow demonstration on ” how to play gamak and me end”.

  134. pawan says:

    suhani chandni raatein humein sone nahi deti

  135. Dhrunad says:

    My story is just the same like yours. I have started playing it since last month. My biggest doubt is whether I am playing it right or not? Mostly right now,I do the breathing exercises and sargam practice. But this thing haunts my mind repeatedly.
    Yet, I enjoy it a lot. And I am not gonna stop playing it.

    Would you help me with this?



  136. keyur says:

    excellent work for flute lover and players please continue it.

    will you give the notation of song dagabaaz re hai.. dagabaaz re from movie dabang-2 ?

  137. Girjesh Kumar says:

    Saanu ek pal chain na aave sajna tere bina sung by nusrat fateh ali khan…….
    sir please upload sargam of this song…..please……..

  138. suresh kumar says:

    वादा रहा सनम होंगे जुदा न हम खिलाडी फ़िल्म का और खुदा भी आसमान से जब जमीन पर देखता होगा धरती फ़िल्म का
    इनकी सरगम देना भाई जी

  139. Debasmita pal says:

    sir your site give me new life..its amazing..can u give me lag ja gale full sargam please.

  140. tanmoy sardar says:

    i want to notes of piya re

  141. Thanks for appreciation. Ok, I will try it. Give me some time. Stay tuned.

  142. siddharth says:

    my story is also almost similiar to you. One day i saw a bansuriwala i was so influenced by listening him and decided to buy one and play. since then i’ve been able to play some common tunes and looking up for sargam.

  143. Sir can you give the notes for soniye hiriye

  144. Ashish says:

    Excellent blog and inspiring background as well…wish you all the best and keep up the good work.

  145. suraj says:

    great work sir.
    thank you.

  146. shripad says:

    Good to see u doing such reat job. Thanks for this website it will help me

  147. Laha F J says:

    Thanks for your great efforts.I play hawain guitar ,mostly film songs.
    I would appreciate if you can load this song:”Jugar gate din din” by Kishore..

  148. c.p. says:

    Sir can u plzz
    Omg krishna theme flute note(complete notes)

  149. Raj Suru says:

    Same Story Sir.

    Only diff is that i play with a Job in hand 🙂

  150. kartikay says:

    sir mine and your story are same ……… completely

  151. pritish kumar says:

    It is really u got everything with ur hard work it was nice to meet u

  152. ashik says:

    Please sir mujhe ataullah khan ki gajal tujhe bhulna to chaha lakin bhula na pae ke all notes cahiye please send me sir

  153. anjaneya says:

    Nice approach

  154. debasish sahu says:

    Sir, please give audio or video for every alankars and raags. So that we can play comfortably the original notes.

  155. amit shastri says:

    hello sir can you upload flute notes for maire mahboob kayamat hogi song…….. i love this song but i have not complete notes (sargam) plzz …

  156. amit shastri says:

    it’s really nice site and thanks for this site……

  157. Hemanshu Ninama says:

    Superb New Page Sir

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