Zara zara mehekta hai

Singer : “Bombay” Jayashree Ramnath
Lyrics : Sameer
Music : Harris Jayaraj
Movie : Rehna Hai Tere Dil Me (2001)

Flute used : C #

This song gave me sleepless nights while jotting down the Sargam notations for it because of many ups and downs in its music. Initially, I took Pancham (P) as the first note to start the melodious Prelude music. But it was not fitting well with the Sthayi which would then start with Suddh Rishabh (R). I had posted this Sargam in 2015. But, now in 2020 when I tried to play it, I found the melody missing with those notes.

I changed my flute from C middle to C# and started playing with Shuddh Nishad (N) as the first note for Sthyai part, but while coming to play the second part of Sthyai (where the melody dips at “meri kasam, tujhko sanam”) the scale would change and the music would not sound good. 

So, here my trick came handy. I was playing N as first note (which is 4 holes closed from top, or in other words, two holes open from bottom). If I consider the bottom hole as ‘Sa’ for a while, then the 3rd hole from bottom would be ‘Ga’. Therefore, now I shifted to play G (1st hole closed from top) as the first note of Sthyai instead of N. And, yes the puzzle got solved and I succeeded in writing down the following Sargam which is very very close to the original song.

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