Sargam (Indian Notations) for Tunes / Themes / Jingles

  1. Happy Birthday to you
  2. Jana Gana Mana (National Anthem of India)
  3. Jingle Bells
  4. Nearer my God to thee (Titanic)
  5. Sare jahan se achchha
  6. Flute prelude – Tere mere hoton pe
  7. Theme tune ‘Nagin’ [Man dole mera tan dole]
  8. Theme Airtel Ad
  9. Theme tune of Colors TV channel
  10. Theme tune of Mahabharata (Star Plus TV channel)
  11. Theme tune of movie BOMBAY
  12. Theme tune – Godfather
  13. Theme flute tune of movie HERO
  14. Theme Malgudi Days
  15. Theme MTV Roadies (Silsila)
  16. Theme (whistle) tune Roy movie
  17. Theme Titan Ad (Mozart’s Symphony)
  18. Theme Conquest of Paradise – Vangelis (used in movie Koyla and Pardes)
  19. Theme Pather Panchali
  20. Theme flute tune of movie THANK YOU
  21. Theme OMG movie flute
  22. Titanic Theme Song
  23. Twinkle twinke little star
  24. Vande Maataram (Slower version)
  25. Vande Maataram (Faster version)
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  1. Kush Tekriwal

    Yes guys please give the notations of theme song of pirates of carabbiean

  2. koushik roy

    great… waiting for update

  3. Koushik

    Please add theme tune of Pirates of Caribbean

    1. Notes and Sargam

      Please share the song links. Will try to reproduce the Sargam.
      Thanks. Stay tuned.

  4. sandeep


  5. Nayan Jain

    first of all i want to thank you for providing us such a great collection of sargams, it helps a lot to me as i had recently started to play flute ,i want to ask u can u also provide us the audio file of the tunes so that it is easy for us to match the same.

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