Tu Mile Dil Khile

Sargam notaions for the romatic song ‘Tu mile dil khile…’
Singer : Alka Yagnik – Kumar Sanu
Lyrics: Indeevar,
Music : M.M.Kreem,
Movie : Criminal (1995)

When at first I tried to jot down the notaions for this song,  using Suddh Re and Dha, I was constantly missing out on the finer tunes of the song.  Then I tried to search for the Raag on which this song was based and found out that this song is based on Raag Bhairavi, that essentially uses all the Komal Swaras, viz., re, ga, dha and ni.  After learning this, I replaced Shudh Re and Dha with their Komal counterparts, and all the blocks of puzzle fell in place!  

I used C# flute to produce the Sargam for this song.  Signs and symbols used are : Small letters = Komal Swars, ()=Kann Swar, ~=Meend.  This is a difficult song for the beginners to play on flute as it includes use of half holes for producing the komal notes.  But, with little practice, specially of Raag Bhairavi, one can surely pull it.  

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