1. Do not stop experimenting – A case study
  2. Frequenty Asked Questions on Bansuri?
  3. How do I find out my Flute’s scale?
  4. How to produce SARGAM or notations of a song?
  5. How to read Indian notations
  6. Indian Sargam Vs Western Notes
  7. Playing Bansuri is like Typing
  8. There is only one Tivra swar




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  1. Yash Revannavar

    Very beautiful site for flutist like us thank you..!

  2. Bishal

    R~N what does it mean?? And these site really hepls thank you

  3. Mainak Das

    We can see your beautiful efforts with the help of theese sargams. Can you please give me the sargams of mon majhi re by arijit shing

  4. Rabby Hossain Rayhan

    Some Bangla folk song notations
    (Lalon, Abdul karim,hason Raja)
    And some bangla pop and rock song notations
    Would be very much appreciated !

    But for now,please upload notations for the bangla song
    : ‘Bojhena she Bojhena’
    Thank you very much in advance.

    Your story of how you learnt to play was my inspiration for learning the flute.

  5. Anubhav Jain

    This site is good most helful for me, thank you sir for your beautiful efforts. The link on this page of tips and tricks are not available please provide us and also please guide us how to properly blow on bansuri hissing sound is coming while playing P D N S and how to hold it and blow it with correct embouchure.
    Thank you

  6. swapan sen

    i want some begali baul song

  7. Atul s

    I accidentally came across this page on FB and i came to this website , i do not know how made all this but this is certainly the most valuable and informative websites for wind players like me . Its my Bible and i would really appreciate if the owner continues to serve the flutist with his experience and knowledge. Hatts off and a very biig very biiiiig THANK YOU. 107 songs with notations, feels like i am going to have a blessed weekeknds.

  8. Raj

    { SRG} —- What does it mean

    1. notesandsargam

      you have to play these notes fast, without break.

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