Babuji dheere chalna


Sargam for song : Babuji Dheere Chalna
Singer : Geeta Dutt
Lyrics : Majrooh Sultanpuri
Music : O P Nayyar
Movie : Aar Paar (1954)

What a peppy song!  Making sargam for this song was a bit tricky for the fast paced interlude parts.  However, after a few trial and errors, I got hold of it.  While first I was playing it from Sa, but later I had to switch over to low Pa as its first note.

Only one note “ga” has to be played flat or as komal swar in the entire song, and komal “Dha” at one or two places.  The fast interludes which are played on Accordion instrument should be played initially at a slow pace before you get a hang on it and then play it as fast as needed later on.

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Waqt ne kiya

Sargam notation for song Waqt ne kiya kya hasi sitam
Movie : Kagaz ke phool (1959)
Singer : Geeta Dutt
Lyrics : Kaifi Azmi
Music : S D Burman

Wakt | ne | kiya
,P n | n~S | SS

kya | hasin | sitam
R~S~g | R~S~N | ,n,n

Tum | rahe | na | tum,
,n | SS~r | r | r…g~S

ham | rahe | na | ham
M… | GR(g)R | S | S…(R)S ,N~,P

Waqt ne kiya…

,P~,n ,P~r S
,P~,n ,P~M G
S~g S D P
,N S N ,P

Bekaraar | dil
S R R~g g | g…

is | tarah | mile
g~R | G {MGRGM} | GM…

Jis | tarah | kabhi
G | M MP | PP…(D)P M

ham | juda | n | the
n… | n nDPD | P | P…(D)P G(M)G

Bekaraar dil…

Tum | bhi | kho | gaye,
D~P | P | D~P | G~M

ham | bhi | kho | gaye
P… | M | P M | R | g

Ek | raah | par
R~,n | R S | R

chal | ke | do | kadam
M | G | R(g)R | SS…(R)S ,N~,P

Waqt ne kiya…

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