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Real life stories of self-learning

I never imagined that I would learn it myself

sridhar flutist

Sridhar K.M.

The first time I enjoyed flute was in my 12th standard, when I heard Shashank sir (Vidwan Shashank Subramaniam, the Carnatic Flute Prodigy) play live. I never imagined that I would get an opportunity to learn it myself. During the holidays from 12th to 1st UG, my father had got me a flute.

In our institute there is a lot encouragement given to music, and hence I started picking up pieces whenever I was asked to accompany singers. It was in my 2nd UG that a brother of mine had asked me to accompany him for a full 1 hour program. In this I had to learn many pieces in different ragas. Hence, I would say that experience exposed me to music. I learnt what to practice.

But even after that, since I stayed in a hostel I could not go to a guru and hence my leanings have come majorly when someone asks to play for a song.

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I learnt Veena by watching Veena Srivani


Radhika Basantrao

I have learnt to play Veena, all by myself. And, I'm so proud of it that I could do it at the age of 38. True, age has nothing to do with learning music, or anything for that matter.

My grandpa-in-law used to play Veena. My husband was around 7-8 years when he passed away. Since then his Veena was gathering dust in our house. About a year ago I watched this girl named Veena Srivani on YouTube. She is so good at playing Veena. I immediately got motivated by her melodious song playing on Veena. I'm sure most of you have watched her extraordinary Veena play. If you have not, you must now.

But, the problem was who would teach me Veena? I live in Matunga and there are hardly any teacher who could teach me this instrument. I asked my father-in-law, who is in his 70's now, if he knows anything about this instrument. He told me that he only knows how to play Sa Re Ga Ma on it and also that it was years ago when he touched this instrument. I insisted him if he could teach me that much. He taught me, how to hold Veena, how to sit, and how to play Sargam on it.

I picked up playing Sargam soon. And, then after watching may be over 500 videos on YouTube of Veena Srivani and many other players, I gradually picked up playing some tunes and songs on it.

Although time is a constraint for me as a housewife, but still I manage to take out 30-40 minutes daily to play Veena. My father-in-law is particularly very happy that his father's possession is now being used finally.

I hope one day I will also be able to upload my videos on YouTube like Veena Srivani.

And yes, I learnt many songs through this webiste as well. Thank you notes and sargam.

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Thank You YouTube


Pramod Kumar

मै एक पुलिस वाला हुँ एक दिन देहरादून घन्टाघर पर ड्यूटी थी जन्माष्टमी का महीना था बांसुरी वाला बांसुरी बेच रहा था मैने उसे बुलाया ओर एक छोटी सी बांसुरी खरीद ली।

जमाना you tube का है तो सोचा search करके देखता हुँ कैसे बजाते है ।ये बात अगस्त 2019 की है और आज अप्रैल 2020 चल रहा है ओर मै you tube के माध्यम से बांसुरी पर फिल्मी गाने बजाना सीख गया हुँ। धन्यवाद you tube का

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How I learned to play harmonica at the age of 49.

samir kapoor

Samir Kapoor

Since childhood I wanted to play harmonica but, could not find any guru. Time passed by and I got married. My kids got in to college then I had time but again no guru. Actually I was shy of learning at the age nearing 50.

My hesitation went on till 2017. Then one Sunday, in the evening I saw my boss going outside. He was in 60s. I asked him where he was going he told me that he was going to a guru for learning harmonium. That was the time I got confidence that when he can learn at 60 then why not me at 49 and then I searched online and found one Mr Bhat in Baroda and started learning from him.

I belong to Delhi but now living in Veraval Somnath, Gujarat the place of 1st Jyotirling. I work as Sr GM-Commercial with Aditya Birla Group Now music is my Passion. Whenever I find time I play harmonica, Bansuri and Saxaphone which also I am in learning stage. I did my schooling from Kolkata and I can speak Bengali also. Hope my story inspires others.

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I miss my guru who taught me for just one month


Sanjib Bahadur Thapa

Hi, I'm from Nepal. I was always very fond of music. In my family no one is as crazy as I am about music. I love the Bamboo Flute. There are many people in and around my village who play bansuri, especially in the evening time. Since childhood I have been listening to those melodious tunes and it developed my interest to play Bansuri.

I was, may be 13-14 years old when I got my first Bansuri which my father bought for me. I was extremely happy that day and I kept showing off my bansuri to my friends and other people the entire day. I went to Sonbir uncle who used to play bansuri, with a hope that he would teach me. But, I was disappointed with him as I saw him drinking alcohol. I was a good boy so I decided not to learn from him. Then I asked my friends if they know someone who could teach me. One of them asked me to meet Nipender Singh - an old man in his 60-70s. His house was about 4-5 km away from my house. I went to him and he agreed to teach me.

Every day after school, I used to visit Nipender sir to learn Bansuri from him. For about one month I took classes from him. But, then one day I came to know that he passed away. I was shocked. He was a very good man and a great teacher. He had taught me well how to hold bansuri, how to blow into it, how to play notes, breathing exercises, etc. I was a small boy and could not bear this loss. I remember that day after I reached home, I cried a lot. I told my mother that I will not touch bansuri anymore. My mother consoled me and said if you dont play bansuri anymore, then up there, your Nipender sir will be very upset. So, you must play it.

I took my mother's words and after few days of his death, started playing bansuri every day. I do not know if it was my teacher's blessing that I started playing songs on my bansuri very well. Although my learning from a teacher was for about a month only, but I quickly learned how to play it.

My father used to get angry that I was neglecting my studies, but mom told me that he secretly admired my bansuri play. I am 35 years old now but I still miss my guru Nipender sir so much. I am sure he must be blessing me from heaven.

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If you want you can learn anything

Smriti Saxena

I am in my late 40's. A housemaker of a happy family consisting my husband and three children. I never thought that I will be able to play my favourite instrument - harmonium because of the family's responsibility and lack of time.

Once, my husband went on long official trip abroad. I'm not regretting it that I was left here alone with my children. Rather it turned out to be a blessing for me. I requested my husband to buy me a harmonium and within few weeks I received one from Amazon. I felt so so happy. I started playing it randomly for few days but was getting frustrated because I did not know how to play it.

Then my children asked me to either stop playing it or learn to play it properly. I know they were right as my playing harmonium was a torture for them. I joined a class near our house, but after few days, I found it difficult to manage my home and my passion together. So, I left it. By then I learnt how to play Sa Re Ga Ma... at least. Then, I searched the internet to learn to play few songs. I am glad I did it. I found some YouTube videos that were teaching how to play harmonium. I started following those videos for many days. I would watch, learn and then play my harmonium. Well, soon enough, I was actually playing harmonium quite well. My children also told me so. It was about a year ago. And, now my fingers had started to move freely on the keys and I could play many many songs on harmonium.

When my husband returned after few months, he was also pleasingly surprised by my harmonium play, and he shot my videos and shared those in our groups. He said to me "I'm so proud of you. You have proved that if you wish you can learn anything." It feels so good when you get praised for your efforts.

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Ekla Cholo Re...

Prashant Das

My name is Prashant. A 40+, Delhi-based digital marketing professional with a deep rooted love for music. It was my childhood dream to play this wonderful instrument called Bansuri (Flute). Tried out many times but failed. Tried to find a Guru, could not find someone whom I could afford.

Few years ago, in 2012, to be precise, one fine day I saw a Bansuriwala carrying a load of Basuris on a pole and immediately went upto him and bought one Bansuri. Did not know whether the scale was right or wrong for me to start with. But I bought it.

Since I had lost my job, I had ample time to spend with my new possession. I picked up a book on how to learn Flute. But, honestly it did not help me much. Then I just happened to stumble upon Youtube and found someone playing a fantastic piece of an old Hindi song. Searched a little more, and found some good Samaritans teaching the basics of playing Bansuri. I shall always remain thankful to them. Soon, I was able to play the Sa Re Ga Ma… fluently. Then I started devoting some serious time on Youtube (which, I confess, could have got me a job instead!) in brushing up my flute practice. And, yes, it paid off. Very soon, I think may be in two months time, I was able to play some very common tunes on flute.

Then I started to look around for Notes/SARGAMs of the songs I’ve always loved. But, unfortunately, could not find them on net. In the meantime, my practice with this wonderful Bamboo stick continued and without my knowing I learned some tricks to hit the correct notes of almost all the songs I always wanted to play on flute. It’s then that I thought of setting up a platform where I could post the Notes/SARGAMs of the tunes and songs that move me. I’m sure there are thousands of people like me with may be a similar story to tell. Although, I regret for not being able to take a formal training from a flute master, but my journey with my Bansuri continues. I’d like to dedicate this website and my FB page to those who have desire, passion and interest for music but cannot afford formal training due to lack of time, money or preoccupation. Do you want to play your favourite song on your instrument? Don’t know how to pick notes? May be, how I learnt it will help you in some way…

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