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Sargam (Indian Notations) for Regional Songs


  1. Bodhua amar chokhe jol enechhe
  2. Boro asha kore esechhi go
  3. Chhata dhoro he deora (folk)
  4. Eyi je nodi jaye sagore
  5. Ei meghla dine ekla (Bengali)
  6. Jaa re jaa re ure jaa re paakhi
  7. Jodi tor dak shune keu na ashe (Rabindra sangeet)
  8. Purano Shei Diner Kotha
  9. Sei raate raat chhilo purnima
  10. Tumi robe nirobe


  1. Uyiree uyiree


  1. Mala Ved Lagle Premache
  2. Tik tik vajte dokyat
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  1. Your Comment Here…sir,plz supply flute notation on Hindi song mere mitwa film geet

  2. Chowk purao mati rangaao aaj mere piya vhar aavenge

  3. Hi may you pls add notes of song ankhon mein teri ajab si ajabsi adayein from om shanti om along with the bansuri tune in the song awaiting your prompt reply thank you.

  4. I want share sargm of some song through your site. Is it possible?If it possibe how i share sargam with you,because before post that sargam finally in yor site you have to check it for betterment always. So please tell me how i share it with you???

    1. Of course you can. Just send me your notes through email or on my fb page. If found ok, then I will upload it on my website with your name. Thanks.

      1. plz give me that mail id…i will share…. but plz check it before post and if u wantto do some changes…that also always wecome….

  5. Hello sir, ur posts very helpful for beginners like me. I am requesting u to plz add notation of song “tera sajda” from my name is khan.

    Thank you.

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