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Ranaar Chhutechhe

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sargam for ranaar chhutechhe

Sargam for Bengali song “Ranar Chhutechhe”.

This is actually a heart wrenching poem written by Sukanta Bhattacharya depicting the hardships in the life of a Postman who was called as “Runner” by Britishers in olden times.

Singer and Music Director : Hemanta Mukherjee, who did full justice to this poem with his amazing composition and devine voice.

Let’s enjoy playing this one on flute and other instruments. I am producing the Sargam notes on my C scale flute.





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How to read SARGAM notations

  • CAPITAL LETTERS = Shuddh Swars (Pure Notes)
  • small letters = Komal Swars (Flat Notes)
  • A Note with # [hash] = Tivra Swar 
  • Letter/Alphabet ONLY = Medium Pitch/Normal blow on flute
  • Letter/Alphabet PRECEDED BY a ” . ” [full stop] or  a ” , ” [comma] = Low Pitch/Softer blow on flute
  • Letter/Alphabet FOLLOWED BY a ‘ [single quote] = High Pitch/harder blow on flute
  • Notes in { } = “murki” or “khatka” which have to be played very fast without any pause
  • A Note in ( ) = “kann swar” has to be just touched before moving on to the next note
  • A “~” between two Notes = “Meend”. That is, you have to glide from one note to another slowly to produce that wavy effect.
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