Raat Kali ek khwaab mein aayee

Raat Kali ek khwaab mein aayee sargam

Sargam (Notation) for song : Raat Kali ek khwaab mein aayee
Film : Buddha Mil Gaya (1971)
Singer : Kishore Kumar
Lyricist : Majrooh Sultanpuri
Music by : R D Burman

Flute used for notations : B

Following notations are easy to play, even for beginners. I’m not too sure about it, but the song seems to be based on Raag Khamaj. The song has three Antara.  I have given notations for the first one which will work for rest of the two Antara as well. However, I have also given notations for the three interlude music pieces before each Antara.


M G R n P D G S


Raat | Kali | ek
S R | G M | G R |

khwaab | mein | aayee
G(M)G…R~S | S | SRGR RS,n

aur | gale | ka | haar | hui
nn |R R | R~G | M G S | R S

subuhoko | jab | hum
S G PP | P P | {DPMG}

neend | se | jaage
GM DP | P | P…P

Aankh | tumhi | se
PR |R R | R~G

chaar | hui
R G M | M MP G~M R~G S

Raat kali ek…

G G G | GG | GG GG | G (x2)


Chaahe | kaho | ise | meri | mohabbat
G M | PM~G | GG | G M | P M~G G

Chaahe | hasi | mein | meri | mohabbat
GM | PM P | D | P D(S)n | D..

yeh | kya | hua | mujhe
n | D |n D~P | P P
mujhko | khabar | nahin
D P | D PM | M M

ho | sake | tumhi | bataa | do
G | M P | R G M | D PM | G…

tumne | kadam | to | rakhaa | zameen | par
P S’ | S’ S’… | nDP | P n | D D~P | PM

seene | mein | kyun | jhankaar | hui
PR R | R | R | R G RGM | M MP G~M R~G S

Raat kali ek…


nD | PDnD | PDnD |


Violins (overlap):
D P G R… | n D P G… | S n D P… | D n R’ n

SRG M | RGM P | GMP | n D P G
(Notations same as for Antara 1)

aankho me kajal or lato me
kali ghata ka basera
sawli surat mohni murat
sawan rut ka sawera
jab se ye mukhda dil me khila hai
dunia meri guljar hui

Raat kali ek…

n… DP G… | SRG M…R | R GM P…

n… DP G… | SRG M…R | R GM P…M | MPM G

P… M G

(Notations same as for Antara 1)
yu to hasino ke mahjabino ke
hote hai roz najare
par unhe dekh ke dekha hai jab tumhe
tum lage or bhi pyare
bahi me le lu aisi tamnna
ek nahi kai bar hui

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How to read SARGAM notations

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  • small letters = Komal Swars (Flat Notes)
  • A Note with # [hash] = Tivra Swar 
  • Letter/Alphabet ONLY = Medium Pitch/Normal blow on flute
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