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Raaga Bhimpalasi

Raga Bhimpalasi is a late afternoon raga belonging to Kafi Thaat. It has the penetrating power to infect the human mind and control it for days and weeks on end. It is a soothing raga, bringing peace and comfort to the listener.

Thaat: Kafi
Jaati: Audav – Sampoorna
Vaadi: m
Samvaadi: S
‘n S g m P n S’
S’ n D P m g R S
‘n S m, g m P, m g R S

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3 Responses

    1. Shailesh ji, Ma komal nahi hota. Ma kewal shuddh aur Tivr ho skta hai. Kucch log shuddh Ma ko “m” likhte hai aur Tivr Ma ko “M”.
      Lekin mai Shuddh Ma ko “M” air Tivr Ma ko “M#” likhta hu. Thanks.

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How to read SARGAM notations

  • CAPITAL LETTERS = Shuddh Swars (Flat Notes)
  • small letters = Komal Swars (Low Notes)
  • A Note with # [hash] = Tivra Swar (High Note)
  • Letter/Alphabet ONLY = Medium Pitch/Normal blow on flute
  • Letter/Alphabet PRECEDED BY a ” . ” [full stop] or  a ” , ” [comma] = Low Pitch/Softer blow on flute
  • Letter/Alphabet FOLLOWED BY a ‘ [single quote] = High Pitch/harder blow on flute
  • Notes in { } = “murki” have to be played very fast without any pause
  • A Note in ( ) = “kaan swar” has to be just touched before moving on to the next note
  • A “~” between two Notes = “meend”. That is, you have to glide from one note to another slowly to produce that wavy effect.