Raaga Bageshree

Raga Bageshree is a night raga belonging to Kafi Thaat. It has a deep and moving effect on the listeners.

Thaat: Kafi
Jaati: Audav – Sampoorna

Vaadi: m
Samvaadi: S

S g m D n S’

S’ n D m P D g, m g R S

‘D ‘n S m g R S, n D m P D g m g R S

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  1. piyumi kaushalya

    its is verry important for us

  2. Gopal singh bhati

    Please sent me vande Maa taram. Sujlam sufalm Songs notaion. For violin. Please please its Needy tl me. Pleaseeeeee.

  3. rohan mittal

    This site is most important for fluet begginers,
    sir i ask for you… a sargum of lakdi ki kathi.

  4. safdar abbas

    if u can just provide an mp3 of the same it will be a bit easier to understand the raag…

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