Raag Yaman

Raga Yaman continues to be the starting point of every music student’s entry into the world of Hindustani Classical music and also remains the focal point of their training throughout their musical career. But, it is also a raga to which each sincere musician returns to, no matter how experienced, because it truly is a king of ragas.

Thaat: Kalyan Thaat
Aroha (ascent): N R G M D N S
Avaroha (descent): S N D P M G R S

Vadi: ga
Samavadi: ni

Mood: Devotion
Time: First hours of the night

A composition in raga Yaman which is composed in Dadra taal ( 6 beats ) is given here.  The composition and detailed Alaap and the Taans are given.  Each are accompanied with the Flute audio.  In Indian classical music The composition is divided in two parts : Sthayi and Anthara.

While improvising the Raaga in the lower and middle octave we have to play Sthayi.
While improvising the Raaga in the higher octave we have to play Anthara .
In the following order this composition is to be played:

Yaman ( Composition )
Alaap in Sthayi
Alaap in Sthayi Continued
Alaap in Anthara
Taan in Sthayi
Taan in Sthayi Continued
Taan in Anthara

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  1. upendra bhatt

    मै बांसुरी शिख रहा हु. कृपया राग यमन के अलंकार लिख भेजे.

  2. Guruprasad M V Prasad

    Sir please post vatapi ganapatim song hamsadhwani raag notations


    Superb, real service to music, you are sowing the seeds of music in time. Splendid heartfelt thanks

  4. Sushil kumar tiwary

    Please find of Alpatwa and Bahutwa in raag Yaman .

  5. Sanjit Sharma

    plz send me the attachment of ‘kun faya kun’ song sargam note…….

    Thanling you

  6. Sudhir

    Pl give me notations if man re tu kahe Na sheet dhare

  7. Anonymous

    sir pls attach some audios and notation of song “chandan sa badan, chanchal chinwan, dhire se tera yeh muskana”” with thx and regard

  8. Gautam Sen

    A great help to the new learner like me. Thanks…………very much

  9. Sanjeev

    No audio or composition attached. Please restore the link.

  10. Prashant

    Link to the composition and the audio track seems to be missing. Could you please add it?

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