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    If you wish to get Sargam notations for a song, which is already not available here, then you may place your request below.

    Please type the lyrics (in English alphabets) for the song below.

    Also, mention a link where we can listen to the song/tune.

    The notations in S R G M… format will be sent to your email id within 72 hours of payment realisation.


    4 reviews for Request For Sargam

    1. shagor

      Do Dil milra hi hey , magar chupke chupke

    2. Neena Parmar, Udaipur, India

      What I could not find anywhere on net, I got it from this website. The sargam notation for my song “Haste haste kat jaye raste”. Thanks a lot.

    3. Z.H., London, UK

      Prashant has assisted me with the notations of volumous Ghazals. The service provided by Prashant is very apt, smooth, straight-forward and genuine. There are no hidden charges lurking and there is full transparency all the way. Prashant’s notations are always correct and if there is any scope of a mistake then he corrects it. This quality of Prashant’s is commendable. It was a wonderful experience with Prashant with the notations.
      [a relative of the great Gazal Singer Farida Khannum]

    4. Hemchand Tyagi, New Jersy, USA

      My God! You are a champion (in writing Sargam notations). Congratulations!

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