Learn to play songs on Flute

(11 customer reviews)



Learn to play songs on Flute

(11 customer reviews)
  • How to play songs on instruments – a book by Notes & Sargam.
  • The first volume of N&S Book “Let’s Play Music” is available as an interactive .pdf document here.
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11 reviews for Learn to play songs on Flute

  1. Vinay Kumar Patro

    Very useful for Bansuri Learner, waiting for 2nd Volume

  2. Pintu Das, Jamshedpur

    Good book. Very useful for beginners.

  3. Rinee Sengupta, Kolkata

    Nice book i bought it

  4. Gopal, Mumbai

    I bought it yesterday. Awesome work. Clearly a labour of passion and love A real contribution.

  5. Bikram Sahoo, Odisha

    The fact that the author is not a trained musician, is hard to believe looking at the amount of information he has given in this book. Kudos to him. great work. a must have book for all flutists.

  6. Jelena Benjamin, Belgium

    Hi, I’m from Belgium. I love Indian music and have just started to learn Violin. I’m glad that I got this book which teaches many things about Indian music and how to play songs on flute. Notations are given in Indian format which I expected to be in western notes. But, not a problem, there is a chapter also to convert indian notes into western. So I’m good with it. Thank you.

  7. Rishabh Kumar, Delhi

    Total paisa wasool kitab hai. Mast. Kafi kucch sikhne ko mila.

  8. Dhirendra Rao, Pune

    I would rate this book 9/10. Better than many books on music which I have read. Congratulations to the author.

  9. Shruti Saxena, Patna

    Very good book. Easy to understand the basics of Indian music. Beautiful layout and super easy navigation.

  10. Ranjan Mishra, Lucknow

    superb collection of notations for beginners. i cant wait for the next book.

  11. Samir Kapoor

    You have really understood the agony of learners of not knowing to play and do not any teachers and notations. I was facing the same with Saxophone as there are no trainer. I have this 30k instrument but nobody is there to teach. This book is helpful.

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