Preme Pora Baron

Singer – Lagnajita Chakraborty
Lyrics & Music – Ranajoy Bhattacharjee
Movie : Sweater (2019)

Flute used for notations : C Scale

This is an easy song to play on flute.  All swars are shuddh and the tempo is at a comfortable speed.  You can skip the Meend (~) parts if you wish, however, if you use them then the song becomes even more melodious.  Enjoy!  


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2 thoughts on “Preme Pora Baron”

  1. I think there is something wrong in sargam with the word “chilo” in the line “tomay joto golpo bolar chilo”… cause the desired sound is not coming for the word… I may be wrong but I request you to re-check it


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