Nayono Sorosi Keno

Sargam notation for Bengali song : Noyono Sarashi keno (1979)
Singer: Kishore Kumar
Lyrics : Mukul Dutta

Sargam notes produced on C middle flute.

A wonderful semi classical composition by Kishore da, this song perhaps figures in top 10 Bengali songs of every Kishore fan. You have to listen to it to believe, in case you have still not heard it.

I found this as a tough song to pull off on my flute as it contains lots of komal swars (especially Ga, Da and Ni). And the Murki sung at the end of each Antaras was even tougher to jot down in Notes. However, finally after many attempts I have tried to write down the notations as close to the correctness as possible including Prelude and Interlude music pieces.

noyono sorosi keno sargam

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