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Film : Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (2006)
Singers : Shafqat Ali / Shankar Mahadevan will find a way Jaaniye heeriye
p~d d~p p g p p g p p~~Sp p~dp p~~~g will find a way Jaaniye heeriye
p~d d~p p g p p g p p n2dn2dp m g rgmgr

Mere mann ye bata de tu
g m p p p S nS~n d~p d

Kis Or chala hai tu
m m pp S nS~n d~p p

Kya paya nahi
g~m p p R SnRS~n d~pdp~m

Kya dhundh raha hai tu
g~m p p S nS~n d~p p

Jo hai an.kahee jo hai an…suni
p p~d p~dp mggr p p~d pdn2dp mggr

Woh baat kya hai bata
r g p d~p g~r s r

Mitwa……. kahe dhadkan hai tujhse pyar
p nn~S p n2 n2 n2n2 dn2d p~mmm p

p nS..nSnSpnSG.MGRSRS~~~p

yeh khudse toh na tu chhupa
p n2n2n2 R~S d p~m m p

Jeevan dagar mein prem nagar mein (2)
g m p mpm g g m p mpm g

Aa….ya. nazar mein jab se koi hain
n2dn2dp~m m p~d d~~n2 n2d p m p p~~g

Tu soch.ta hain tu pu…chata hain
g m d~pm g g mdpn2d p~m g

Jiski kami thi kya yeh wohi hain
d dp~m m p~d d~~n2 n2dn2d p~m m p p

Haa yeh wohi hain, Haa yeh wohi hain….
p~d S R S~R R S~n2 d p d S n2dSn2dp

Tu ek pyasa aur yeh nadi hain
p~d SR S~RR S~n2 d p d S

Kaahe nahi isko tu khulke bataye
S n2 d p n2dp m d pm g p p

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