Kaash Aisa Koi Manzar Hota

Kaash Aisa Koi Manzar Hota

Singer : Hariharan
Lyricist : Tahir Faraz, ,
Music Director : Hariharan,
Album : Kaash (2002)
Flute used for producing Sargam : E Bass Scale

This is one of the best gazals of Hariharan. It is based on raag Malgunji. which generates from Thaat Kafi. In this raag both forms of Gandhar (G; g) and Nishad (N, n) are used. I am writing down the basic notations for this gazal without digging deep into the “Harkats” that Hariharan ji has rendered into it. I am sure once you get a hang of this gazal with these notations, you will be further able to improvise and bring in those “Harkats” into your playing.


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