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Jane Kahan Gaye Wo Din

Film : Mera Naam Joker
Singer: Mukesh
Raag : Shivranjani

Jane | Kahan | Gaye | Wo | Din
S R | g P | D S’ | R’ | g’

Kehtey | They | Teri | Yaad Mein
R’ g’ R’ g’ | R’ | S’ DD | P P D

Nazron | Ko | | Bichayen Ge
P D | P | g R..g | S S P P P

Chahe| Kahin | Bhi |Tum | Raho
S R | g P | D S’ | R’ | g’

Chahein | Ge | Tum Ko| Umra Bhar
R’ g’ R’ g’ | R’ | S’ DD | P P D

Tum | Ko | Na Bhool | Payen Ge
P D | P | g R..g | S S P P P


Mere |Qadam | Jahaaan | Pare
P P |P D P | P S’ D S’ | S’ S’

Sadje| Kiye | The | Yaar | Ne
R’ R’| R’ R’ | R’ S’ | S’ R’ g’ |R’ g’

Mujhko | Ruulaaa | Ruulaa | Diyaaaaa
g’ P’ P’| P’ P’ G’ | G’ G’ R’ | g’ g’ R’ S’

Jaati | Hui | Bahaarr | Ne
D S’ |D P R | g gRSS | S

Jane Kahan Gaye Wo Din

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  1. After the notations of the song, I can sing it in reproducible manner. Well done!!!

  2. excellent, easy to play on flute, what is the taal >> ca u help me …

    1. I think teen taal

  3. Thanks again, I am really enjoying reading all your notations, espacially thanks for posting in SARGAM formate, For me it’s easier to read and play on a key board.

  4. Fantastic, The best site for notations, very good collection of songs, Good help to Music lovers, who love to play and enjoy music.

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