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Jago Tumi Jago (Mahalaya)

Jago Tumi Jago (Mahalaya)

Sargam Notations for a Bengali devotional song

Jago Tumi Jago

The song begins on “Pa” of low octave and gradually covers all the octaves.  Komal “Dha” and Komal “Ga” are prominently used in this song.  I have produced the Sargam on my A flat scale flute.

Jago tumi jago Mahalaya sargam notes

Observed seven days before the Durga Puja every year, Mahalaya is welcoming of the goddess of supreme power – Durga. It’s a kind of invitation to the goddess to descend on earth.  “Jago Tumi Jago”

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  1. please upload the notation of song ” bajlo tomar alor benu”

  2. ki kre bujhbo kon octave e achhe…??

  3. It is requested to upload the notation of song ‘Jaago notun probhat jaago samoy holo….’

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