Jaane ja dhundhta fir raha

Sargam notations for song Jaan-E-Jaan Dhoondta Phir Raha

Movie: Jawani Diwani (1972)
Music Director: R.D. BURMAN

Jotting down the Sargam notations for this amazing composition gave me sleepless nights.  At first just could not figure out how to come to the correct notes after the prelude played on synthesizer.  Tried out all my flutes literally to find out the first correct note for this song.  Watched several Youtube vidoes where this song would be played on flute, but every time I tried to replicate the fingering, I found something missing.  One flutist Mr Santakshat showed that how to play that signature Flute piece in this song by starting out at “Dha”.  I tried.  But then found the Antara was not sounding good with that.  Then finally I did something different.

I sat down and listened to the original song for about 20 times, and then first played out the Flute part with echo at “Re”.  Viola!  That was it.  Then went back to the song again and figured out that the very first intro music in this song played on Synthesizer would sound good with Komal Re on high octave.  After that note by note, I built up the following notations, which may still be a tad away from being perfect, especially the interlude parts.  But, overall the song sound good with the first note to be taken as “Re”.

Jane ja dhundta fir raha sargam-notations


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