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        1. Vande Mataram (Anand Math)

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          28 thoughts on “Hindi Songs Sargam”

          1. Niranjan phatak

            I am a 87 year young. Fond of old hindi movies songs. I have not learnt music. I have a. Harmonium with German doors. My wife (passed away before 8 years.) She used to play the harmonium. I am alone and try to play some songs that I Can sing. That is my time pass.
            I found this site and was very much impressed. Thanks

          2. Thank you for posting such valuable content, Specially for the beginners like me – I’ve made a website for guitar tabs and piano notes especially for beginners. Hope you like it

          3. Can you please post the notations for Ninja Hattori title track? Didn’t found it anywhere else on the internet

              1. Thank you for such a fast response! I am loving this website now, you get almost all the songs you can think of, and if you don’t then the notes&sargam team makes sure they are added asap. Thank you so much! The learning experience is being made so easy here for beginners! Love your work!

          4. Thank you for postinf such valuable content, Specially for the beginners like me – I’ve made a website for guitar chords and tabs specially for the beginners. Hope you like it

          5. Rajendra Mahajan

            This is an extraordinary treasure of knowledge.
            Can anybody share notation of famous Marathi yugul geet…Shukratara mand vara
            It is definitely raag yaman but if some expert can decipher precise notes that will be helpful.

          6. Mahesh S Bather.

            One of the best site for hindi songs and other notations.
            The beauty of these notations is that one can play these notations on any instrument.

          7. Will you please share a notation of
            महेबुब मेरे, महेबुब मेरे,
            तू है तो दुनिया, कितनी हंसि है
            फ़िल्म – पत्थर के सनम

            1. MAHENDRA KUMAR आर्य

              Almost all the songs of Rafi saahab as he would sing on E scale. e.g ehsaan teraa hoga mujh par.
              एक गुजारिश है कि नोटेशन देवनागरी में हों ।

          8. Tarun Kumar Majumder

            এ ঘর তখন ছোট্ট ছিল, Lopamudra Mitra. Requesting you to upload the notation of the above song

          9. kindly send harmonica notes of song
            1. Piya piya mora jiya pukaare of old movie BAAP RE BAAP, 1965.
            2. Tujh se hi hai roshni of movie PINK……..

            1. Sneha Mayuri_ Mauritius

              Hi.I wish to get the Sargam of the song Woh beete din yaad hai from Purana Mandir..Can you plz post it.

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          • CAPITAL LETTERS = Shuddh Swars (Pure Notes)
          • small letters = Komal Swars (Flat Notes)
          • A Note with # [hash] = Tivra Swar 
          • Letter/Alphabet ONLY = Medium Pitch/Normal blow on flute
          • Letter/Alphabet PRECEDED BY a ” . ” [full stop] or  a ” , ” [comma] = Low Pitch/Softer blow on flute
          • Letter/Alphabet FOLLOWED BY a ‘ [single quote] = High Pitch/harder blow on flute
          • Notes in { } = “murki” or “khatka” which have to be played very fast without any pause
          • A Note in ( ) = “kann swar” has to be just touched before moving on to the next note
          • A “~” between two Notes = “Meend”. That is, you have to glide from one note to another slowly to produce that wavy effect.
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