Eto aloy alo akash (Asatoma Sadgamaya…)

Eto aloy alo akash (Asatoma Sadgamaya…)

Sargam notes for song Asatoma Sadgamaya Dekho Aloy Alo Akash

Singer : Arijit Singh
Lyrics : Srijato
Music : Indraadip Dasgupta
Movie : Khaad (2016)

A beautiful philosophical song in Bengali.  The following notes have been produced on C middle scale Flute. All three Octaves have been used to produce the Sargam as close to the original as possible.  However, some improvisation at users’ end is advisable.  Enjoy this song by playing on your instruments.

sargam-notes-asatoma sadgamaya dekho aloy alo akash

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