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Whatever is shared through this website or my facebook page, is out of my own personal experience.  I am a self-learned Flutist and I try to reproduce the Sargam (Indian notations) of the songs/tunes etc., by playing them on my flute. That’s why the sargam or notations that you get on this website or on my facebook page may differ from what a trained musician may offer. Hence, I would like to request all of you to use these notations as a reference and do not restrict yourself from doing improvisations.

The Sargam / Notations available in this website are either created by me or contributed by my Facebook fans. These might bear similarity with some contents available on other sites, but that is purely coincidental.  

Visitors to this website are free to use the contents for their personal use only and are strictly warned against using these Sargams / notations for commercial purpose, which will be deemed as infringement of copyright.  

And yes, I will be happy to accept any mistake that might miss my and catch your attention.


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