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Sargam Notations for song Dil Hoom Hoom Kare

Film: Rudali (1993)

Singer: Bhupen Hazarika / Lata

Dil| hoom| hoom|   kare|    ghabraaye

SR| G  R|  G  R|  G P | PD P   G

ghan| dham| dham|  kare| garjaaye

GP | DP|    DP|   DS’   | PD S’  D

ek boond kabhi | paani ki

PD S’  S’  S’  | D{R’S’}D

more akhiyon se  barsa…aaaye


Teri  jhodi|  dharoon

S’ S’ S’{R’}G’|  R’G’|  R’  G’   R’S’ D

sab sukhi paat ho aaye

DS’|  S’S’S’S’S’  D  P

tera | chooa|  laage

S’ S’ S’{R’}G’|  R’G’|  R’  G’   R’S’ D

meri  sukhi daal  harjaaye


jis|  tan ko chooa|  toone

SS S{R}G|  RG| R  G  R S D-

us|   tan ko chupaavoon

SS| S{R}G|  RG|  D- G R

jis| man ko laage|  naina

SS| S{R}G|  RG|     R  G  R S D

Who | kisko dikhavoon

SS| S{R}G|  RG|  D- G R

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  1. Thanks very much for providing such beautiful song notation.

  2. Liked it very much
    Use full to learn instruments

  3. Fantastics….

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