Dil Hoom Hoom Kare

Sargam Notations for song Dil Hoom Hoom Kare

Film: Rudali (1993)

Singer: Bhupen Hazarika / Lata

Dil| hoom| hoom|   kare|    ghabraaye

SR| G  R|  G  R|  G P | PD P   G

ghan| dham| dham|  kare| garjaaye

GP | DP|    DP|   DS’   | PD S’  D

ek boond kabhi | paani ki

PD S’  S’  S’  | D{R’S’}D

more akhiyon se  barsa…aaaye


Teri  jhodi|  dharoon

S’ S’ S’{R’}G’|  R’G’|  R’  G’   R’S’ D

sab sukhi paat ho aaye

DS’|  S’S’S’S’S’  D  P

tera | chooa|  laage

S’ S’ S’{R’}G’|  R’G’|  R’  G’   R’S’ D

meri  sukhi daal  harjaaye


jis|  tan ko chooa|  toone

SS S{R}G|  RG| R  G  R S D-

us|   tan ko chupaavoon

SS| S{R}G|  RG|  D- G R

jis| man ko laage|  naina

SS| S{R}G|  RG|     R  G  R S D

Who | kisko dikhavoon

SS| S{R}G|  RG|  D- G R

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  1. K K Prasad

    Brilliant. Very helpful.
    Also if you can mention the original scale of the song, it will further improve the experience.
    Like this song is actually in C#

    1. mark

      Original scale of this song is B.

  2. Komal

    Very helpful.

  3. swami

    Thanks very much for providing such beautiful song notation.

  4. Everest Dsouza

    Liked it very much
    Use full to learn instruments

  5. sujit kumar ghosh


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