Chura liya hai tumne jo

Film : Yadon ki baraat (1973)
Singers : Asha Bhonsle, Rafi, Kishore

chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko
M M d P M M P M g M n’
nazar nahin churana sanam
M M d P M M P M G

badal ke meri tum zindagani
M M d P M M P M G Mn’

kahin badal na jana sanam..
M M d P M M P M M..

bahar ban ke aaoo kabhi tumhari duniya men
M P d n n nnS” d P M P d d d d

gujar na jaye yeh din kahin isee tamanna men
M P d n n nn S” d P M P M M M M

tum mere ho ho tum mere ho
n nS”n D n n nS”n D

aaj tum itna wada kar ke jana
n D P MdP MdP MM d P M

chura liya..
M M d P (SGP)

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  1. Subir Kumar Pal

    There no indication of’, rhymes’i.e. whether it’s 2/2 or 3/3 , secondly, each group of rhymes has not been mentioned.

    1. mark

      I do not follow the formal style of writing notations. This is my style of writing notations and is very easy to follow.

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