Chupke Chupke Raat Din

Sargam notations for Ghazal Chupke Chupke Raat Din Ansoo Bahana Yaad Hai
Writer : Maulana Hasrat Mohani
Composed and Sung by : Ghulam Ali
The ghazal was included in a shorter version in the movie : Nikaah (1982)

When I first sat down to write Sargam for this ghazal, it took me days to figure out that correct first note of this song.  I watched some instrumental videos of this ghazal, and many of those started with the note Ma.  I also tried to play this ghazal with Ma a first note, but by doing so, I wasn’t able to land up correctly on the Antara.  And being a finicky that I am when it comes to correctness of sound to my ear, I tried Re, Ga, Da, Ni as the first note, but something was not working out.  Then finally I played the Prelude music of this song taking Sa as first note.  And Viola! that was it. The Mukhda and Antara sounded perfectly alright afterwards.

Then I coincidentally found more details on this ghazal and found that this song is based on Raag Kaafi.  Now to test the correctness of my Sargam, I looked for the Aaroh Avroh of Kaafi Raag.  To my utter happiness, I found that I have indeed written down the correct Sargam notes for this ghazal. In most places, the Sargam in this song includes Komal Ga and Komal Ni.



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