Alankars (Set # 3)

Let's practice some Alankars on Bansuri: Aaroh and Avroh: 7 notes each .P.D.N.P.D.NS   | S’NDS’NDP .D.NS.D.NSR     | NDPNDPM .NSR.NSRG        | DPMDPMG SRGSRGM    …

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Raaga Bhimpalasi

Raga Bhimpalasi is a late afternoon raga belonging to Kafi Thaat. It has the penetrating power to infect the human mind and control it for days and weeks on end.…

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Alankar : Set-1

Alankars are extremely useful way of getting perfection in playing bansuri. play as much as you can. Alankars are like warm up exercises that prepares your senses to become musically active…

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