Bhigi bhigi rato me

Singers : Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar
Lyrics : Anand Bakshi,
Music : Rahul Dev Burman
Movie : Ajanabee (1974)

Flute used for producing Sargam: C middle

Jotting down the notations for this song taught me one more lesson. That is, not all that looks easy at first, is that easy. Sargam for this song turned out to be tricky. I had started with Shuddh Rishab (R) as the first note and completed the first half of the Sthayi part till “Kaisa Lagta Hai”. It was way back in 2015 when I left this song at here only. After that got busy with other Songs and sort of forgot to complete it. Now in 2020, when I received over a dozen request for this song, I felt embarrassed for uploading this song without completing it. But as they say, “better late than never”, so here I have finally completed this song. Following was the incomplete notation which I wrote earlier:

Bhigi bhigi rato me
mithi mithi baaton me,
aisi barsato me
kaisa lagta hai

But today, I found that Shuddh Rishab (R) is not the first correct note for this song. Because, when I had to play the next part – “Aisa lagta hai” in continuation with that sargam, I got stuck. Then I took Shuddh Madhyam (M) as the first note and succeeded to complete the Sthyai part, as: Bhigi | bhigi | rato | me = M G(M)G | G M | M G(M)G | G M. But then, again I got stuck at the music part (played on flute) just before the Antara. I was playing that flute part with Ma… as first note, but then moving on to the Antara with Ma was getting difficult (as the start of Sthayi and Antara is same in this song).

Then I played that flute part with Pa.. and moved on to Antara with Pa. And then to keep the sur similar with that of Antara I had to re-write the Sthyai part now, with Pancham (P) instead of Madhyam (M) as the first note. Hence, finally got to the following sargam for this song:

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    1. mark

      It is complete now. Sorry for the delay.


    Sir when are you completing this song. One of the best composition of RD.

  2. K100

    Please complete it …

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