Ami je jalsaghare sargam notations

Ami je jalsaghare

Sargam notations for bengali song : Ami je jalsa ghare
Singer : Manna De
Lyrics : Gauriprasanna Mazumder
Music : Anil Bagchi
Movie : Antony Firingi (1967)

This is pure classical song, beautifully composed by Anil Bagchi and rendered by the master of classical music – Manna De.  I had been trying to figure out the notations for this song for a long long time.  I was struggling because, I have no formal knowledge of Indian Classical music.  But finally, I managed to pull it off with hundreds of trial and errors.  I still do not know on which raag this song is based.  Most probably, Raag Lalit, but I am not too sure.

I produced the sargam notations of this sad yet melodious song on my F# scale flute, using lots of ‘Meend’, ‘Gamak’ and combination of high, low and medium octaves.  A little difficult song for the beginners to play it on their instruments, but with practice it should come through.

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