Alankars (Set #9)

Alankars.  Practice the following Alankars daily to become proficient in moving your fingers on flute.

.D .P.N .DS .NR SG RM GP MD PN DS’ NR’ S’G’ R’M’ G’P’ M’
P’ M’M’ G’G’ R’R’ S’S’ NN DD PP MM GG RR SS ‘N‘N ‘D‘D ‘P

. = lower octave

‘ = higher octave

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  1. Malika


    I’m facing gap while playing PG and MP.
    Can u send me alankaars or patterns for practicing and practice sets for meend.

    1. mark

      You can practice the following alankars for overcoming this problem:

      PDPM | GMDP
      PDMG | MPDP

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