Alankar : Set-1

Alankars are extremely useful way of getting perfection in playing bansuri. play as much as you can. Alankars are like warm up exercises that prepares your senses to become musically active so that you can play flawless music.

I’m writing below some Alankars that I play on Bansuri.  However, these can be played on any other instrument as well.

.P.D.NS       S’NDP
.D.NSR        NDPM
.NSRG        DPMG
SRGM         PMGR
RGMP        MGRS
GMPD        GRS.N
MPDN        RS.N.D
PDNS’        S.N.D.P

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  1. Shant Manu

    What is the meaning of . in the notations.
    I understand ‘ but . don’t understand full stop
    Can someone help

    1. mark

      I use full stop or comma before a letter to denote Lower Octave. Thanks.

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