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Sargam notation for the song Ane wala pal…

Singer : Kishore Kumar
Lyrics : Gulzar
Music : R D Burman
Movie : Golmaal (1979)

What a timeless composition. Instantly makes it to the list of favourite songs of anybody who listens to it irrespective of their age. And this magic will continue for generations to come. Every bit of this song, from lyrics to instrumental, is Stupendously fantabulous! Let’s enjoy playing it on our instruments.  I have produced this sargam on my F# Flute.

anewala-pal sargam notes


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  1. you are doing great service to beginners.

  2. Can these notations be played on harmonium too?

    1. Yes, these can be played on harmonium as well.

  3. संगीत में रुचि रखनेवालों के लिए यह एक यादगार तोहफा है। ईश्वर आपको सुख और समृद्धि दें।

  4. Beautiful Song Sung by OUR Legend Kishore Kumaar ji, in his beautiful voice and well done for the notation in SRGM formate, actually I always love to play and learn in SRGM style of notes, they sound musical. I may be wrong -but to me CDEFG Does not sound musical, sorry if I have hurt your feelings. When ever I see notation in srgm i want to immediately learn to play it…….

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