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So, you are a music lover.  You play some instrument too.  But you are stuck.  You have looked around everywhere for notations of the music that you want to play on your instrument, but alas! little luck.  Those resources are either charging money or are incomplete.  But the good news is, you have landed up on Notes & Sargam – a comprehensive, easy to navigate, easy to understand, and above all absolutely free resource for music lovers like you who just want to play their favorite music on their instruments.

This website will surely make you happy as here you will find Sargams (some call it notations, swaralipi, notes, etc.) of various Regional, Indian, Western songs, tunes, theme music, jingles etc., which have been enlisted categorically to make it easier for you to find what you want.  So, explore, play, learn and enjoy!

Sargam (Indian Notations) for Hindi Songs
Sargam (Indian Notations) for Marathi Songs
Sargam (Indian Notations) for Malyalam Songs

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  1. Dear sir

    I love garhwali songs but i don’t have notations to play them.please upload garhwali song notation.

  2. have just started playing flute
    am looking for sargams for
    kabhi kabhi mere dil mein
    aapki nazron ne samjha
    chaand si mehbooba ho meri kab

  3. veryy good all notetions very helful for a learners dhanyavad

  4. Can u please upload barso re flute notations?

  5. Best site ever found for flute artists nd beginners like me ☺️ thanku for creating such innovative site

  6. Very good work.
    Can you please upload the notation of flute music in Kishan Kanhaiya also?

  7. really Good

  8. Good work

  9. please more rabindra sangeet

  10. Great work sir . can i have notes for gajanand maharaj padro kirtan ki tayari hey

  11. Can you please upload Alankars for Raag “Bhupali “ ?

  12. Excellent collection, Sir. Keep it coming. Love your work.

  13. can you please post notes for bhajan hey raam

  14. Great sir it is wonderful. Really help a lot.

  15. Can you please upload the Sargam Notes for love me like you do by Ellie Goulding…. I ver much appreciate your posts… It will be so much for me if you upload it

  16. I want flute notation for marathi song “yad lagal”.

  17. beautiful collection! Great work Sir!

  18. Soch Raha Hoon
    S RG R
    Kisase Poochhu
    SRS DD
    Uss Ladki Ka Naam
    NN DNS

  19. I want flute sargam o sanam o sanam lash hotey agar

  20. i urgently need notation for hindi song ‘surili akhiyon wale ‘ from veer movie

  21. Could you please post the sargam for ‘”Auld lang syne”.

    Link to the English translation of the original Scottish song:

    I will be really grateful if you post the notes.

  22. I need notation for marathi song ‘yad lagal’.

  23. Sir can u plz upload notations of song jag ghoomiya

  24. Please upload some new raags like shringara and raudra
    Also give sm tips how to play raags

  25. Guys I have been listening to a song for 18 years now and still couldn’t get hold of its sargam. The song is ankhion Je jharokese. Can any one post it’s sargam please.

  26. Piano Note: Tum Hi Ho…

  27. i need notation for Mohabbattein Violin Track (Humko humi se chura lo).Thanks for your help

  28. i need notations for ” agar tum saath ho ” pls help

  29. i need notation of hawa ke jhoke…from Lootera

  30. Sir, Very good devotion. It is really remarkable.
    Can u plz write notations for :- 1) DE DEE HAMEN AZADEE BINA KHADAG BINA DHAAL – PATRIOTIC

    BK Sharma

  31. Sir
    Transition betwen P and M is difficult
    Need some tips.

    1. Practice is the only thing that can make you achieve this task. Play alankars such as “PMGRS” “RGMPD” and play them 200 times. You will see the difference in a weeks time. good luck.

  32. Am looking for sargam foe song from movie Bahu beti ?1962 …Kaam khodh man moth ka mara jagat na bhaya ram , jab jab ram ne janaam liya tab tab paya banbaas..

  33. plz make a simple note for ya rabba dede koi jaan bhi agar -salam-e-ishq.

  34. Hello SIr,

    Sir, I will be grateful to you, if you provide the notation of this Meera bhajan “mohe lagi laggan guru charanan ki”

  35. Kudos. Thanks for sharing such good information. Stay blessed.

  36. Sir, I will be grateful to you, if you provide the notation of this ghazal “Hum tere saher mein aahye hai”

    with regards

  37. Plz upload the notetion of hoyto tomari jono

  38. Please upload barso re (guru) sargam.

  39. Ghunghru ki tarah – sargam is incomplete. Pl complete it for us.

  40. Sir please help how can play P~G fingers up and down technique

  41. Dear sir,
    I am in need for yeh bandhan to (karan arjun) song sargam

  42. Thanks that helps a lot..Can you please share notation of english song Summer of 69.

  43. hey i m totally new i m failed to understand plzzz help me

    1. what do you want to understand?

  44. Hello SIr,

    I will be grateful to you if you provide the sargam for Sapnon mein bhare naina from Luck by chance movie.

    And also, I have a question.. If I want to post some notation here, how to do that?

    1. Dear Sanhita,
      You can email at what you wish to post here. Once, I go through and find it ok, it will surely be published here.
      Will try the notations for your request. Please give me some time.
      Stay tuned.
      Thanks, Prashant

  45. Pl give the notation for lakdi Ki kaathi song

  46. Great..!!! Thank you sir !!:)
    Please post the notations for “Tik tik vajate dokyat” from Duniyadari Movie..
    It’s really beautiful tune..

  47. Can you please post notation for Gujarati Bajan – To Rangai Ja Ne Rangma. Sitaram Tarna Satsangma

  48. sir please upload “milon hobe koto dine” song from moner manush movie

  49. Can you please share the notation of TOMAR KHOLA HAWAI… Tagore’s collection

  50. Sir please post the notation for the song emptiness. It’s a beautiful tune.

  51. Excellent

  52. pls upload notes for song
    Hai suna ye puri dharti tu chalata hai
    movie PK

  53. Dear,
    My story matches to yours but I have been learning for past 6months.

    But at home your website has been my tutor, mentor and inspiration and motivation as well.

    Keep up the good job and thanks a ton to have built sucha wonderful informative website. I would say your website is stress buster site.

    Hats off to u..

  54. Can I Have Notations Of “Wo Lamhe” and “Tujhe Bhula Diya”…. Please…

    And please Add Some “Lalon Giti” Notations…

    Great Job… ✌✌✌✌

  55. Give me a navakar mantra notes sir

  56. Hey, can u pls upload the starting flute tune of rabba main to mar Gaya oye song….
    Thank you

  57. Great work you have done Sir, Thank you !!

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