How to read Indian notations

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  1. Kusuma says:

    Can we play these notations on violin

  2. R Deo says:

    Thanks Sir for restoring the website. Recently I got interest in playing flute. This website is of immense help. I alao come to know there are many sizes of bansuri. May u please suggest me which size is appropriate to start with?

    • mark says:

      As a beginner, you must go for a flute which is easy to hold, neither too small nor too big. Ideally a medium size Bansuri (12 – 15 inches long) in Scale C or G would be fine for you. Good Luck!

  3. Anonymous says:

    thnx sir for guide us…

  4. Br says:

    great ! Thanks for sharing this. Your information is very useful for all music lovers. thanks again !

  5. amit shastri says:

    hello. sir plzzz upload (tere jaisa yaar kanha) from movie yaarana i need this song sargam plzz

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