How to produce SARGAM or notations of a song?

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  1. lalit says:

    sir, can you please please tell the sargam notation of the song ‘khamoshiyan’. On net western notations are only available.
    this is the link of the song.

  2. sujit khade says:

    Dear sir will you please send me a flute note of marathi song natrang ubha.

  3. gauri Sonavane says:

    This notation can playable on E scale flute?

  4. pawan says:

    suhani chandni raate hume sone nahi deti flute notes send karo plz

  5. Amal Bakali says:

    I am beginner flute player. I love to play tune. When i listen any songs, I think in mind why not try to play this tune on flute. Thank you very much to let us know the tricks. This is really very useful.

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