How to produce SARGAM or notations of a song?

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  1. Rupam kumari says:

    I want to learn how to play notes and Sargam

  2. shikhar singh says:

    sir i want flute notations of har dil jo pyar karega……from tune to whole song can you please do this for me.

  3. Deepali jain says:

    Pl. Find notations for marathi song ruperi valut

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sir what is the procedure in the case of tumbi

  5. sundaram says:

    sir please send rim jhim ke geet sawan gaye gaye bhighi bhighi raato mai for harmonium and one more tum jo chle gye to hogi badi kharabi for harmonium

  6. prathap says:

    Good sir.please give me this song note koi tho bath hai love song notes for piano

  7. Naresh Kumar says:

    Sir thanks for notations

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey sir plz tell me the notes of our national anthem on harmonium jana gana mana

  9. Gagan Sharma says:

    Hi Sir,,,
    I just wanted to know that all these sargam are also suitable for Harmonium? Should i practice them with a harmonium…

    • mark says:

      Yes you can play these notes on harmonium as well. Though, you may have to do a little improvisation on your own.
      Good luck!

  10. Anonymous says:

    can you give me the note of bengali song ‘Amar bhitor o bahire’

  11. lalit says:

    sir, can you please please tell the sargam notation of the song ‘khamoshiyan’. On net western notations are only available.
    this is the link of the song.

  12. sujit khade says:

    Dear sir will you please send me a flute note of marathi song natrang ubha.

  13. gauri Sonavane says:

    This notation can playable on E scale flute?

  14. pawan says:

    suhani chandni raate hume sone nahi deti flute notes send karo plz

  15. Amal Bakali says:

    I am beginner flute player. I love to play tune. When i listen any songs, I think in mind why not try to play this tune on flute. Thank you very much to let us know the tricks. This is really very useful.

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