Gerua (Dhoop se nikal ke)

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6 Responses

  1. shikhar says:

    sir which scale flute ,i should buy as a beginer,where should i go,to buy a flute in delhi having slightly low budget around 1500 please help me sir..

    • mark says:

      As a beginner you should go for a medium size C or G scale flute. That should not cost you more than 500 rupees. Good luck!

  2. shikhar singh says:

    which scale should i choose as abeginer and where i have to go ,to buy a flute in delhi best in quality but slightly low in budget around 1500 hundred please help me sir…..please

  3. Shahid ahmad says:

    Sir bazigar oh bazigar song note need there is but its on apiano key board I need in indian sargam

  4. Khagendra says:

    What does the sign ≈ symbolize here ? Plz help me sir

    • mark says:

      ~ means you have to slowly glide from one note to the other. This is called “Meend” in Indian Classical terms.

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