Do not stop experimenting – A case study

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  1. Yogesh pawar says:

    बिल्कुल सही कहा अपने

  2. Jinesh Mehta says:

    Very true. I’ve experienced that while setting up sargam on my own. When i fails to set up some song.. i keep on changing the scale.. and could find some missing notes. Thanks for sharing the experience

  3. Anitya says:

    It was really helpful and very clear. It also explained how the perfect ear for music play a role in developing even a small piece of music. Playing an instrument takes much more than singing and is an art which one could excel only with concentration and efforts.Thanks Sir.

  4. D C Ranganatha Rao says:

    Very Nice Sir. I am also trying to learn keyboard and your exposure/experience is a GOOD STEP TOWARDS LEARNING

  5. This is very useful. Thank you 🙂

  6. Ganesha Hatwar says:

    wonderful ! inspire others to do so as your way of experiment

  7. Tarun soni Fiji islands says:

    Good but what is the easy way to produce a sargam tune in vocal harmonium

    • vidisha says:

      Dear Tarun Soni ji, I think whether it is a flute or a harmonium, or any other instrument, the basic theory remains the same while producing notes.

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